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I work hard, part time work, pay all my bills including my medical bills because i have no health insurance and still manage a good GPA. I work for every single thing i have. Im CPR certified and manage a good life ethical system, i give to the homeless and donate blood and money when possible. i read books more then i watch tv. I watch and love my nephews and keep a good relationship with my family. I have participated in sports, GSA, SGA, and many clubs and activities. I am responsible and loving and i try my best at everything i do. I think im a decent person. I In two years i should be graduating college but my family is less then poor and now i get to spend the rest of the summer wondering if ill even be able to attend school this fall. People keep telling me these are the best years of my life but i cant help thinking that life has to high of a price tag for me. Im only 20 years old and yet I cant seem to stay afloat in a world that constantly is giving me blows i cant possibly bounce back from